Traffic Rules in China

Driver's License

International Driver's license is not recognized in mainland China. If foreigners want to drive in China, they would need a Chinese driver's license and they can apply for one after tests.

Driving on the Right

In mainland China, traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road.

Speed Limits

The speed limits in China are: 30-40 km/hour on city roads where there is only one lane per direction, 40-60 km/hour on National Highways, 100-120 km/hour on expressways.

Safety Belts

Drivers and passengers are required to wear safety belts.

Expressway Rules

Tractors, motorbikes, bicycles are forbidden to be ridden on the expressways.

Traffic Lights

Traffic signals are composed of red, green and yellow lights. The red light stands for no through traffic; the green light stands for passage permitted; and the yellow light stands for warning.

Bicycle and Bus Lanes

In China, there are lanes for bicycles and in some cities for public buses too.